An Assortment of Seal tags for Garments

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We manufacture garment seal tags specially designed for the apparels. These help in image enhancement of the brand or representing the brand of the product. The tags are either attached at the back of garments or can be hanged with it and thus push people to buy the product. We offer these in variety of sizes and at very competitive prices.

We provide superb quality seal tags with the help of the latest computer and sophisticated technology. Materials including plastic, aluminum, etc are all sourced from our most reliable vendors. Depending on your requirements and products, specific techniques will be used on seal tags. Seal tags are designed as per client’s choice with different pattern of name engraving on them. Often logos, brands and trademarks on tags are embossed to make them easily recognized.

As usual, at most colors are printed on seal tags to make them simple and concise. Our seal tags are all manufactured by mould injection. Specific seal tags are acceptable but extra fees will be added, because we will rebuild the mould. Products offered by Sinicline are durable smooth finishes and durable in unique designs and patterns.

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