The sticker labels used in library

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We are one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of sticker labels that are well known in the national as well as international market. Our exclusive range of Sticker Labels are designed and manufactured according to the specifications provided by the clients.

These sticker labels are made from high quality raw materials to suit the requirements of the clients. Our attractive range includes paper sticker, vinyl sticker, and PVC sticker which find variegated applications. They are available in varied colors, sizes, shapes, designs and further can be modified to meet the variegated desires of the clients.

The sticker labels from our company sinicline can be applied into various industry, which have the performance of high stickiness , anti-counterfeit and other alike features. Like in library industry, this kind of sticker labels can serve as the role of anti-counterfeit to prevent the illegal vendors to pirate classic books, through these means we can protect some related people’s interest.

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