Security Plastic Seals for Containers

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Plastic seals are a kind of container seals that easily show indications of tampering. Simple and cost-effective, these are designed for one-time use. Sinicline offers a wide range of designs, such as cable seals and bolt seals, as well as other kinds of security seals.

Plastic seals are available in a number of colors, sizes and designs. We will need you specification regarding size, material and quality. Materials used for manufacturing plastic seals like PE or PP are all sourced from our most trusted vendors providing top-notch products for valuable clients. Our various plastic seals can be customized to suit specific company sealing and security purposes.

Sinicline’s plastic seals are widely appreciated for appealing appearance and excellent finishes at home and abroad. Our many years of manufacturing and supplying seals allow us the expertise and capability to offer desirable products for you. If you have no rough sketches or artworks, our graphic artists will assist you in everything from prototype design to production.

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