Desirable Woven Labels: Our Promise

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Most woven label companies promise high quality, punctuality, and competitive pricing. This promise usually gets lost somewhere between: Big companies that overcharge you and can’t give your work the personal attention you need. However, small shops without the skill or equipment to provide quality on time merchandise.

Sinicline is an outstanding source of Custom woven labels, printed labels, hangtags, and so on. Our nearly 10-year-experience allows us the versatility to serve a wide range of woven labels for your labeling needs. Our labels are widely accepted in worldwide for their unique design, exclusive ideas and color combination. There are a variety of woven labels that can fit into your garments, shoes, cases and so on.

Depending on your needs, you may choose from a wide variety of sizes, and materials, like satin, taffeta, damask, ribbon, etc. Based on your garments, proper size and material will be designed to match your products’ styles. Sinicline is always taking customers into consideration and strive to meet your maximized satisfaction. We carry a large in house inventory of woven labels for all of your labeling needs.

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