Key chain-Durable PVC label

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Each of us will have the key,then we will byy key chain,it is convient and cheap,choose keychain we like PVC material,PVC labels is durable,nontoxic,odor free,waterproof and environmentally friendly with high strength,high contraction rate and favorable packing effects.Many people like to match them with mobile,bags,umbrella.One day i put my mobile in my pocket,Suddenly i felt someone touch my mobile phone,Fortunately the key chain was hanging my pocket,the thief gave up,i feel very is help for me.

In sales field we meet different kinds of customers,there is professional and do not know anything about products.we should be patient to tell them information,so that we are conductive to better communication,i had a ecperience several days ago.i receive an inquiry about from germany,the customer need PVC labels,but he had no idea about it,only provide us a picture from our website.firstly i made a new artwork for his approval,he feel ok,then i quoted price accordingly,he was satisfied with our price,as his size is too small and the logo is bigger,it is so hard for us to emboss,he has changed his idea through my help.

We will meet different customers and problems,our best service is to meet customers' the same time we also have our own views,if a customer is persistent to keep impossible things,such as somebody need emboss five star on the PVC labels.then we will try our best to guide customers,we do not have to follow their steps,we will let know that we are professional.

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