The customized fabric labels as the size labels for garments

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With an industry experience of 10 years, our organization is among one of the most recognized manufacturers and suppliers of Printedfabric labels(PFL) on Twill Tape, Satin Tape,Polyester Satinetc. These products are manufactured from superior quality raw materials. We have a very latest imported Flexographic Rotary labels Printing Machines, Ultrasonic Cut & Fold machines, hot & cold cut machines, Flat Bed Machines, offset printing and Photo-PolymerssPlate Making Machines available in the global market under one roof

The modern machines and technology available with us has made us supply a vast range offabric labelsin the national markets. With the growing demand of ultrasonic cut and fold care labels on various tapes, our team tries their best to manufacture products according to the latest technology. The products offered by us are available at affordable rates that too within a stipulated period of time.

We have built a strict quality control system of 100% inspection onfabric labels, our excellent quality assures our customers' appreciation and trust, and now we are approved supplier of many famous brands,such as RALPH LAUREN, Calvin Klein, DKNY, INTOWN, CHAPS, DANIEL HECHTER, JOHN HENRY, NICOLE LEE, IZOD, apt.9 , Michael Kors…

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