Barcode labels and printing technology

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Everyone will put different emphasis on somethings,few people will pay attention to the barcode labels,most of the application is required for each barcode number is unique,considering cost and convenience factors,usually using the printer for printing them,copper paper is common material,the thickness is about 80g,widely used in supermarkets,inventory management,clothing tag,industrial production lines and so the amount of paper more places labeling.

To the barcode printer,the paper is according to the request of the decision to print mode,there are a lot of bacode labels paper must be able to withstand the test of time,long variant,the text must long-term preservation and not fade,not because of exposure to solvents will wear,not because of higher temperature on the deformation of color and so it is necessary to introduce a special material of the barcode printing medium and materials.

To ensure that these characteristics,the general ink jet printing technology can not achieve,laser barcode printing can not reach this target,and the injection effect and original design can not meet the requirements,so the heat transfer technology appearance.the barcode labels will complete in the high technology premise.

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