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We are reckoned manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety ofLiquorsticker labels. These labels posses unmatched adhesive ability that makes them suitable to be used on various powder coated and painted surfaces. The beverages labels, offered by us, are widely demanded across the segment because of their ability to boost the appearance and information of the products.

The material ofsticker labelsfor liquor in our company can be categorized into the following types, such as the PVC, the PET, the foil, the fluorescent, the common paper, the coated paper, the synthetic paper. You can customized one kind of these material in accordance with your company liquor styles. Generally speaking, most of the liquor vendors choose the PVC material to produce the sticker labels.

The price of thesticker labelswe offered are all at the competitive factory price, which can be traced to the fact that we are factory direct company. with the advanced machine equipment and the expert in our company the sticker labels from us can be ranked as the most popular products in the world. the labels are distributed throughout every corner of the world.

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