Fashion styles hangtags with string

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I bought a piece of Ayilian brand of clothes a few days ago,whether it is from the touch or the color,it is in the market for considerable advantages,it is why so many people choose Ayilian clothes,now people to judge good or bad clothes,they began to pay close attention to hangtags,i love Ayilian clothes,more like their logo,the quantity is very good,i am a nostalgic person,so i like to collect things,it can be preserved for a long time.

Different materials of the clothes we will use different material hangtags,the material has many styles,such as white card paper /black card paper/kraft paper/plastic and so on,we could match the suitable rope,such as hemp rope、nylon rope、plastic rope、elastic rope、cotton rope、bead chain and so on.To present hangtags in a outstanding way,many manufacturers can do embossing,raise printing, cello glaze and foil printing in a ordinary way.

Many advanced printing equipment and professional technician, many companies will provide different styles hangtags for us.whether used in food, medical treatment devices, wine box, gift box,clothing, shoes, socks, stylebook, catalog,product instruction, poster advertisement, carrying bag,or pressure-sensitive adhesive,it plays a important role in our life and industry.

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