The plastic seal tags molded with the latest machine and technique

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Our clients can avail from us a wide assortment of Safety Seal Tags that is fabricated using premium quality plastic and molded with latest machines and techniques. These multicolored tags are well appreciated by our global clients for their smooth and perfect finish, exclusive designs and patterns. We also offer a locking device with the tags that can be removed only by cutting or breaking it, so as to ensure genuine quality of our products.

It is well known that in advertising the garments products, the seal tags play an important role. With the help of your company logo onto the surface of the tags, it can represent your company image in the public mind. Would not decrease your company garment grade, if the seal tags onto your garments are inferior, and surely the customers leave a bad impression for your company garments. They would think that you are so careless of these tiny details, your company garments can not satisfy the demand in some respect.

So the most important thing for your company is to choose the reliable tags supplier among so many vendors in the markets. Our company sinicline are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of seal tags above ten years for many world brand garments company. with the help of the most advanced machine equipment and the expert in our company, the seal tags from us are distributed throughout every corner of the world.

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