The colorful designed paper jewelry cards

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Our company sinicline are expert at manufacturing assorted kinds of jewelry cards which can find wide application in the jewelry packaging, the handmade items packaging, the jewelry accessory packaging. The application is so widely that as long as you need the paper card, in whatever design , whatever pattern we all can do our most to satisfy your demand.

Ever year we sill send our professional designers to attend the most international jewelry fairs. In june 2012, our company take a participation in the fashion jewelry fairs in hongkong, during this fair, our company stand attract many worldly famous jewelry manufacturer to make an order on our company jewelry cards. one of our guest state that, the jewelry cards from our company are quite original that attract the eyes of jewelry products if hanged onto the jewelry alike products.

We are factory direct company that all the price of jewelry cards offered by us are all at the competitive factory price. This price advantage provide us an edge to compete with other card supplier in the market. We also can ensure that we provide the promptly answer to reduce our customer valuable time. We have abundant experience in products transportation we presently give you the excellent advice if you need proposal on this matter.

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