The display plastic belt hangers from sinicline

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Our clients can avail from us, a wide assortment of Belt Hangers that is in various homes, garment shops, malls and commercial complexes. We manufacture all our products using hi-impact plastic, which is the complement to latest fashion trends. These are available in diverse sizes, shapes & designs, and can be customized as per the specifications detailed by our clients.

The belt hangers from our company can find wide application in the garment industry, the shoe industry, the wallet packaging, the lingerie industry, the collar industry, etc. the application is so widely that if you are interested in our company products, you can require our sales person to send you a list of hangers from our company. our company have many years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of belt hangers for world brand company in the world.

The greatest goal of our company is that the plastic belt hangers from our company can make your company garments distinguish from other garment suppliers in the markets. What is more , every year we will send our professional designers to attend the most fashionably international garments fairs to keep abreast of the most fashionable element in the garments, then we can appropriately design the pattern of belt hangers for our valuable customers.

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