Chinese Tanabata festival

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Yesterday it was our Chinese Tanabata festival yesterday. My boy friend and I go to the market to buy jewelries and clothings. I find there are many people in each shoppe.And most people pay attention to hangtags of the jewelries and clothings at first glance.

In fact, when we are intersted in the clothes, we firstly note the colthes and then glance at the hangtags. Because we can get a lot of useful inoformation such as the price, size, material composition, washing instruction ect. from the tags&lables. Through hangtags, we can choose the suitable size and price which we can afford for ourselves. And different brands have different styles. You can choose your favourate one.

I don’t know who invent the hangtags. But I think it’s a great invention. If you pay attention to them, you can get many information. So please pay more attention to the hangtags when you shopping, you can get unexpected surprise.

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