Printed labels are more high-end products

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At present, more and more clothing factories will seam printed labels in their clothes, the main mark made a printing way, the purpose is to let the customer understand the product material and washing water is printed trademarks, including mark water or washing label,also including the size of the subject or size label, hangtag on the certificate.The material includes a ribbon, cotton belt, ribbon, satin cloth, cotton and so on.Products are commonly used in clothing, shoes, hats, underwear,and other daily necessities or textiles

Printed labels usually are made of two is a ribbon, other is a coating, a coated ribbon is relatively expensive,washing labels generally with the ribbon material or non-woven material, is the difference between the folded ribbon best, otherwise after clipping prone to flash.Occurrence of edges will lead to serious consequences, the customer will directly have a question on the clothes of the quality ,and non-woven printing can not fold,it will be more natural after cutting .

Printed labels have two advantages, because of its use of printing way, and let the color rich full , bright,high definition, more fashion products;the production efficiency is high,due to woven label mode of production is similar to the weaving ways, so the output is less than printed labels, but the washable labels will not fade and more high-end products.

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