Main function and characteristic for plastic seals

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Many in the industrial friends often ask me what is the plastic seals,in fact it is a kind of plastic parts,used for fixing the wires,cable line.they are formed by two parts,one end is a rectangular platic mouth,which has a hook of the elastic plastic buckling,another is with serrated plastic seal strip body.the body can be bent through the front plastic mouth and the formation of cyclic loading,it is similar to trousers belt can used for bundling cable.I cite a simple example, the equivalent of a rope cable fastened together, very strong.

I remember the first time i saw the plastic seals is my firsr job,i want to tow a group of goods,then asking the company long-term cooperation of a freight forwarding company to take the goods,he sent a wagon to us,we still as usual to the cargo up,after the end of the driver with one of the plastic seals,he told me it is fixed,i know it applies to oil tank car,truck and other uses.

Plastic seals made of PP plastic injection molding in one step,it is clamped in a steel sheet,product will not changed at minus 45 degrees,50 degrees above.Surface by stamping or laser logo, serial number, barcode, the lock rod is a 2*5 flat rod,it can adjust the tightening at any time.Color can be made of red, blue, green, yellow, according to user requirements can also be made into other colors.

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