Taffeta woven labels for your clothing

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If you are not familiar with Taffeta woven labels, please ask for a free sample from us. Taffeta is the most economical woven label available and is priced lower than damask or satin. And the taffeta woven labels are the commonest labels among all woven labels. In Sinicline, you can see all kinds of taffeta woven labels with different density. The more smaller the density is the more better the effect of the wovening will be.

Regarding the color of the taffeta woven labels, there is a maximum of 8 color for woven labels. The amount of the colors in your woven labels also affects the price.As for the size of the woven labels, you can do any size label you want, but size over a certain point does change the price as well.

In Sinicline, the machine of cutting we use will make your labels with beautiful appearance. The woven labels are cut with a heat knife or sonic laser, which adheres the threads together to prevent fraying. If you are interested in our company or our woven labels, please visit our website or emails us freely.

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