The printed labels compared with woven labels

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Printed label and woven label are two important parts in the labels in Siniline. The material of printed and woven label is similar. They all can be satin, cotton. The difference is that woven labels can be made with Taffeta but printed labels can not. The color of woven labels and printed labels is also a little different.

As for printed labels no matter what color you like in the pantone card we can do for you, and there is no limit. But for woven labels, it is different. The colors of woven labels can not exceed 8 colors including the background. Regarding the ways of cutting, woven label and printed label are the same. Generally, there are two ways of cutting, they are called hot cutting and laser cutting.

Woven labels and printed labels are usually sewn in the garment or bags to show the logo or remind the customers some decisive information, such as the ways of washing and putting. But there are some garment companies requiring that they garment pullers must be woven or printed. And this new usage we can also see in some garment shops.

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