The advantage of the barcode label

Release time:2013-02-28      Source:admin      Reads:

In now days, almost all the products in the shopping market there has a barcode. People only use a scan machine to scan it, the price will display on the computer. It save much time for the people to calculate the price, also invoid the mistake durning the calculating processing. It also can help people to breakdown the products.

Without the barcode label, people to calculate the price only by the eyes to look it, and use the calculate machine to add all the price together. Many times, only depend people’S eyes to check the price, that’S easily made mistake. To using the barcode labels, this problem is not existed.

Barcode labels not only display a product’S price it also can display the product’s produced place, products’S name. Only several black lines that’S have so big function. If possible, I hope all the small shops all can use the barcode labels to display their sales products. This will bring benefits to them.

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