The customized barcode labels from Sinicline

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Sinicline is a professional manufacturer of barcode labels. We have excellent barcode label workers who have rich experience.At the same time , we also have professional equipment to make all kinds of barcode labels according to your requirements. With different situation , we also can make the barcode labels according the pattern and data that you offer us.

Located in Wuhan, China ,we have much experience in the way of exporting barcode labels to Europe, American, Singapore and many other countries. We have established long time business with many brands, such as RALPH LAUREN, Calvin Klein,DKNY, INTOWN, CHAPS, DANIEL HECHTER, JOHN HENRY, NICOLE LEE, IZOD, apt.9 , Michael Kors… The high quality is one of our important advantages which is the decisive factor to satisfy our customers.

Barcode labels are widely utilized for many industries, such as logistics industry, food industry , marketing, garment inductry and so on. If you are considering the suppliers on barcode labels, our company is your best choice. And we will do our best to meet your reasonable requirements

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