What should we expect one year ahead?

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The world shudders at the risk of Euro crises, with European country governments get involved in this debt deficit one after another, we are more and more concerned about the world stability and safety, especially in the logistic industry. What’s the effect it will expose on Chinese exporters which provides large quantities of plastic seals to the rest regions?

At the beginning of this year, VALE, the world second largest nickel producer declares to set up its own fleets to ship the coals and other non-ferrous metals. In accordance with the practice, the route between China and Brails was run by Chinese state-owned shipping company originally. The deeds will reduce the business sharply which is a fatal blow to Chinese forwarders. It will also hit Chinese producers which manufactureplastic seals and those highly related to the distribution industry.

This is not just an expectation, several weeks ago, FedEx, the world’s largest Express and forwarding company, decreases expected profit in Asian and Pacific regions despite the fact that it remains the fastest-growing parts in the group business. Seeing this situation, you may know by a handful the whole sack, not mention to UPS, DHL and TNT. If the crisis for the forwarding industry looms large, the factories making plastic seals will be deeply affected as well.

What should we expect for the world economy one year ahead, economic resurgence? Too many ifs and buts are on the rise. The Federal Reserve started its third round of quantitative easings, it caused strong echo among the nations. The independent observers think it’s the third time the US shift its own crisis to other countries. Qoes is not a very good news to distributors and exporters in Asia, what we expect simply is there will reveal pale dawning light of recovery in the coming year.

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