Lanyards make contribution to protect our mobile phone

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The online message from jingdezheng: the stealers who are rampant rub the phones. Fortunately, with the good technology, I keep hold of the phone. On October 11, the citizen ms peng told the reporters that the stealers keep a close watch on it that one time stolen, another time rubbed, at the critical time the phone lanyards play an important role. She also write this message on the individual autograph in QQ

At 7 pm 10,10, the ms peng wait for the message from her customers with her friend at the street in zhongshan belonging to Guangdong province and that mv peng keep contact with her customers with the help of phones. Meanwhile, the street is noisy because a street acrobatic are performing the programs.

Suddenly, ms peng heard a colossal blast, then two men ridding motor drive toward her direction, xiaopeng consciously retreat one step, at just this moment, the man sitting in the back seat grab xiao peng phone and the phone has already been on his hands, but the phone lanyards are hanged onto xiao peng hands so that they failed.

The moment this man feel happy, the phone fell from his hands. It turned out that the phone lanyards are knotted onto the ms peng hands. The phone lanyards protect the phone from falling into the stealers hands.a

Lately, people in bus also keep close watch on her mobile phone. At that time she was dressed in the tightening-figure trousers and felt moving in her body and only to find that the stealers pull the phone lanyards from her pockets. So that the stealers again failed. From these facts we can conclude that the phone lanyards is an important means to protect our mobile phone.


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