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Printed labels, they seem inconspicuous, but look around,in fact, you can find them in everywhere. They are sewn on your T-Shit, your hat, your wristband…When you see a man or woman; you can always find a printed label on his or her clothes. Now, the question is that have you ever thinking about of them?

When I asked” What is a printed label?” May be you can give me a simple, and answer that” It just a fabric, and with some letters and logo on it”. Ok. The answer seems right. But please think more. Can you find what the material in common usage on it? That’s satin, taffeta or damask.

Do you remember how many colors your Printed labels have? I think the white and black are most popular, because these two colors are basic color of satin or other material. If you don’t like these two colors or you only want different from the others, you can dye the material in which color you like!

Now, you have a label in the color you like. but seems some things is missed. You take off your hat and sleeveless,and please look at the labels. Some letters and logo are printed on it, not wove! I think you can understand that why they call these Printed labels.

The letters which are printed on labels are very useful. They show you some information of your cloth and hat, such as material, color, country original, washable instruction ect. And also you can get the information of how to wash them, use the warm water or cold water, don’t iron it, hand wash and dry-cleaning, ect. In a word, you can get the very useful information from the printed labels.

Man/Miss, these labels let you know how to treat your clothing, plush toys and Mom! It’s time to talk with her.

Oh, the labels also can let you remember a brand by the logo on it.Perhaps, one day you would like to make a brand by yourself, and let the labels go to all around the world? Don’t you?

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