Plastic seals play an important role in money transportation cars

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White plastic seals from amusing incident news broadcast, the hundreds of people that may lawfully request the lost property three tenths reward, have called refers to his informant, you want to be assigned to the bonus, and immediately people are exposed to an insight into the human greed surface Taiwan, a security company armored car on the 11th take place failure due to the rear compartment door equipped with a total of NT $ 7.55 million yuan of three large sums of money cash transport bag when cornering fall, unaware Security Officer, only know more than an hour after the passers-by and police officers to assist out large sums of money, the police shouted, "I really have enough outrageous". three bags of cash transport bag fell from the car. Even more surprising, from beginning, as much as hundreds of people who called themselves the informant from divergent means, and hope to share three tenths, 2.265 million yuan bonus,Yoshiyuki returning lost money and greed of human nature co-exist in just a few hours, the phenomenon give people the sense of the eye-opener. Taxi driver traveling in the armored car rear Lvrong Qin see the right side of the door open and plastic seals onto it , honk warning, Huang, sitting in the cab driver surnamed Zhang Security Officer did not perceive, drove the armored car and galloped off, did not stop. Three bags of stuff out see the impact of people and vehicles in the road, the motorcycle driver Richard Ho access, canvas bag heavy rain to move to the side of the arcade, just to see police officers Airong Dai Guangyu Mounted Police motorcycle after approached wavingElam police assist the police who took three bags of cash transport bag contained a letter vigilante police Station. Lutheran points in director Zhang Yinghua via the serial numbers of white plastic seals on the canvas bag-mouth , twelve o'clock contacted Shirui Ke company, the company even knows cash transport bag is lost, they must notify the two still back Linkou Security Officer on the road back to the company inventory, then discovered "on behalf of Zhida of" less three cash transport bags were filled with three million yuan, 4.5 million yuan thousand banknotes and $ 50,000 Bai Yuanchao, the last at 1:00 pm and a half to prove something is Shirui Ke Lost Property, signed with reclaim.

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