The plastic seals can make great distribution to various industry fields

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In the course of plastic seals development, the seals manufacture focus on the coastal areas and the economically developed regions, specially the total output of plastic seals from these areas exceed the 40% of the national output.

In 2010, excepts the municipal construction project, the demand of plastic seals from the goods packaging is quite great, the demands from the finance industry, the agriculture industry, the related plastic industry grow speedily. With the further spread of the low radiation heating establishment. The plastic seals industry welcome the new opportunity to increase the market demand. Due to the local demand , there are still some enterprise in Guangdong, Shenzhen, tianjin, and other westen areas to increase the investment amount. With the economy developing rapidly in the markets of Midwest regions, the investment on seals from the entrepreneur will shift to these areas.

In recent years, china ceaselessly convene large- scale relief work which also bring more good opportunity to develop plastic seals and attract more good investment to this industry. In the early 2008, during the catastrophe of snow and ice happening in southern areas, the disastrous earthquake occurring in wenchuan, Sichuan, with the help of ensured quality plastic seals, our relief workers can transport the daily need to the disaster area safely. Among these transportation, the plastic seal play an important role in relief work. The usage of plastic seals in the logistic transportation are quite popular. Like the containers packaging, the bus packaging, the trucks packaging, the railway packaging, the ship packaging, the sea packaging. What is more, the plastic seals can find wide application in the water drainage, heating equipment, the transfer of the gas, the transportation of the rural methane. In agriculture irrigation, electric power, communication, finance , the plastic seals have a good potential to develop.

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