The conflicts are boiling over

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Recent days, the Japanese government’s purchase from so-called Japanese private owners of uninhabited islands set off large-scale of anti-Japan protests in more than one hundred cities in China, leaving a trail of burned-down factories, looted and damaged stores. Tens of thousands of indignant people with lanyards on their necks which read radical words “get the hell out of China” demonstrated on the Japanese embassy and consulates.

The islands far away on the East China Sea, known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China, are claimed by both countries. It is actually controlled by Japan, back to forty years ago, the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping made the policy to develop this area jointly with Japan putting aside the controversy over sovereignty. His remarks are still fresh on mind: our generation is not wise enough to find the common language on this issue; our next generation will be wiser to solve this problem. And then the two nations established diplomatic relations and started cooperation on wider regions. The economic ties between two countries are deeply, you can see business man wearing lanyards to attend the exhibitions in large city such as Tokyo or Shanghai.

Unfortunately, after years’ of economic doldrums in Japan, the domestic militarism has been reviving gradually. The right-wing senators and politicians intentionally provoke incidents once again over this island. Anger at Japan is real, enduring and overwhelming in China,the most obvious one is the tourists to Japan reduces sharply in the coming long national holiday which attracts large quantities of visitors before, you can even instantly recognize Chinese visitors by their lanyards on the neck or wrapped around hand previously, but now the Chinese in Japan are keeping a low profile. In the long run, it will do nothing but severe damage to the world second and third-largest economies.

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