The importance of serial numbers on the sticker labels

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Recently, the checkout bureau in their daily inspection find that the sticker labels number in the packaging box of exported light products do not conform with the contract number. Fortunately, the bureau find this fault and at first time point out the problems to enterprise, which help the enterprise correct the mistake that they avoid the loss amounting to about one billion dollar.

The numbers of sticker labels are important means to trace back to the products which can distinguish one kind of products from other kinds of products. usually, the numbers are made of figures, each number and each figure represent the products information on construction, capacity, power, the appearance, etc. once a mistake occurred on the figure or number all can lead to the misread for products information and trigger a series of problems.

The above mistake may contribute to the following malignant chain reaction. Firstly, it can trigger the international claim because the customers will conclude that the products are not in line with the stipulations in the contract. Secondly, the customers may suspect the product quality of your company which can affect the following order. Thirdly, it also will affect the image of products made in china. So the mistaken number on the sticker labels may give customers impression that the quality of products from china is senior, in turn which can affect our products exporting abroad.

Therefore, the inspection and quarantine departments to remind relevant enterprises: one is to firmly establish enterprise is quality first responsible persons consciousness, enhancing product quality control, to ensure that the export product quality. The second is to pay attention to the product details, product packaging is an important part of enterprise quality, not because of "little detail" and was "big loss"; The third is in the product design, production, packaging process, improve the operation personnel quality consciousness, to strengthen the control of product quality and safety, The fourth is to strengthen the inspection and quarantine department of communication, with the aid of inspection and quarantine technology platform, timely find the production process of loopholes and rectification, and make sure production qualified quality products.

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