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When you take a China Tour, you'll be given the opportunity to purchase unique tour souvenirs to take home as a momento of your China Tour !CityTown Clothing pieces are hand dyed (with a special dye) or come in pure white. The designs are simple, classic, easy wear for the traveling, resort or a casual lifestyle. All are made from 100% cotton and are hand printed in China.These elements create unique qualities in these unusual t-shirts.

Looking for the perfect gift for your friends? This is the place to start! CityTown has gathered together their top gift suggestions from the hundreds of different products they have in stock for your shopping convenience. The tour souvenirs is their bestseller and is sure to be a hit with any China fan. They also have a wide selection of traveling gifts - choose from China coffee coasters, wash bag sets, bolsters, U-shaped pillows and more!CityTown will explore the ways in which art objects purchased in China by travelers in the Tour, some of whom were tourists while others were serious collectors , might have been used by their owners on their return to their Countries.Some purchased souvenirs, others operated a strategic plan for acquisitions and there was much rivalry between the dealers in their Countries for their patronage.

This subject has come up many times before, but I don't think we ever got a clear answer as to why tour souvenirs from CityTown's concerts aren't available to buy through this forum, since there is no official fan club.Many people aren't able to attend a concert in each tour, and the souvenirs should be accessible to all. Now that there are China photos and such, please pass the suggestion to CityTown's management to have such items listed for sale under the "store" heading of this forum.

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