The rapid development of woven labels in domestic market

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Personality, fashion, and specialization are the decisive points for the garment designers to express, and the brands play the most important role in the process. The usage of woven labels are so wide that involve in all kinds of garment, shoes, hats, toys, hand bags, ties etc. They are always regarded as main labels, wash labels, size labels, decorated labels and so on.

The technology of producing woven labels in domestic, such as heat cutting, sonic cutting have caught up with the standard of Europe. And there is another technology to process the edges, it is called merrow border. Generally the arm labels, shoulder labels are with this merrow border, you can see

Through the process of merrow border, they are made as arm labels, shoulder labels or other relevant products. And these changes we can see from the woven labels in our own garment or bags. In our domestic market, there appeared a kind of special woven labels which have the function of recognizing true or fake. The material of these woven labels is a special string. The parts of recognization are some marks or pictures which can change in to red, yellow, green and so on.

The high quality of domestic woven labels is the strong proof of the rapid development. For example, all of garment labels are fade resistant. Because woven labels need to resist fading to keep your name in front of consumers, which is an important feature to make your brands known to all. More and more designers of garment or companies put much more intention to the woven labels themselves not only the styles or material of garment. With the advanced equipments, the finished woven labels all meet the requirements of designer and companies. The woven labels will keep their colors and patterns of letters in a long time if you treat in a normal way.

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