Which kind of belt hangers are you looking for?

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Belt hangersare in widely range of using in the belt industry. They are always made from PVC material. Except for belt hangers, we can also find other plastic hangers, such as shoe hanger, scarf hanger, tie hanger, wallet hanger, sock hanger etc. As for the plastic hangers, they are appreciated and demanded in the market for features like durability and efficiency. From this point, the plastic hangers attract more and more manufacturers who produce belts, shoes or socks.

The colors of the belt hangers can be various. In the market, the black belt hangers, the red belt hangers, the yellow belt hangers, the blue belt hangers can be found everywhere. You can choose the color of belt hangers according to the style and color of your products or your bands. Generally, the belt hanger manufacturers can make all the colors in the Pantone cards. In the belt hanger market, there is customized belt hanger with your own logo or the common belt hanger without logo. Regarding the colors of your logo, they all can be made according to the Pantone card, too.

The customized belt hanger with logo can be made into about three patterns. The first one is that the logo is embossed which are made by mould with hanger. On the logo, it can be printed with any colors, red, yellow, green and so on. The second one is that the logo is printed on the sticker which can be added some picture with the logo on the belt hanger. The last one is that the logo is silk screen printed on the belt hanger. The colors are also various. With different usages, the designs of belt hangers or the position of logo are different. And the differences are all in the details.

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