What are seal tags?

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When you go shopping to buy clothes, have you pay attention to the garment accessories? If yes, you may find there is a link part between hangtags and neck labels which aresewing on garments. In addition, you can look there are also logo brand on most link part. What is the link part? Many people have no impression about it. They areseal tags. Now you should know the usage of the seal tags is to link the hangtags and neck labels which include buying information (such as brands, price, size, care instructions) of clothes forpeople.

In the early days, the seal tags are consist of the most common strings (such as cotton strings, hemp rope, nylon strings, plastic strings and so on) which tie a knot to use them to link the hangtags and neck labels. Nowadays, as the development of people’s living standard, people’s aesthetic view has also improved.The common strings can’t achieve people’s modern aesthetic view any more, and they are can’t achieve to highlight the logo brands effect as well. Therefore there is a new milestone on seal tags. That’s why there are various kinds of seal tag styles for buyers to choose. About the material, you can choose plastic ,PS, ABS, aluminum shell etc.. For the strings, you can choose cotton strings, nylon strings, plastic strings, elastic strings, leather strings, paper strings, wax cord and gold rope… Regarding the techonic, there are one-moulding, epoxy, embossed, silk screen, hot stamping etc.. For the shape, there are round, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, and any other shapes can be custom as requires. In one word, the buyers can choose lots of styles which they prefer.

After you reading this essay, belive that you may pay much more attention to the seals tags when you go shopping next time. And you can find a lot of unexpected and intersting discovers.

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