Fashionable round transparent & green plastic belt hanger

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Belt is classic, leisure and fashion fusion, eternal beauty worth tasting again and again, it is not essential for women, but for the man, if not, it is difficult to imagine. For a particular man, it is on behalf of men's identity, taste and personality in certain degree. Maybe one day, belt and tie, it will become the man's patent products.Usually see beautiful clothes of the window, lady stop there, when see different styles of belt hanging on abelt hangers, men stop there.

In the market, sales will choose different belt hangers according to different belts. Many of the men should pay more attention when selecting belt buckle,they need have a better understanding, it is mainly divided into two categories, one category is a flat and long frame body, and a relatively narrow frame shoulder cross section, and the frame tilts gradient is small, its modeling is light and thin and suitable for lightweight clothing. Another is just the reverse, a width shorter frame body, the inclined slope of the two shoulder frame is larger and thicker width, and style is very thick, suitable for dry suit clothing category, two shoulders by following a large force, by increasing the cross-sectional width to reduce the clothes hanger pressure, thereby increasing the survival life.

Noble belt with gold and silver color light, matte metal buckle, the details of a change, implicitly expressed the spirit of the times and never lose classic color. The classic black leather belt and silver buckle combination,Showing a steady, calm, quiet, reserved, pure, tough classic men elegant temperament, Many manufacturers would like to produce different styles belt according to the requirements and characteristics, belts are hot selling, thus the belt hangers is also a good selling point.Fashion belt and unique design belt hangers together, becoming the windows’ attractive scenery

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