Fabric labels are existed in old and new society

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Last weekend, my whole family went to visit my husband’s grandmother. She is eighty-nine years old now. But she still has a good sight and with a young heart. My little son wears a set of sports clothes. There are many fabric labels on the shoulder and chest. My husband’s grandmother was very satisfied with my son’s clothes, especially with these labels. She said in now days, the children’s clothes were so beautiful. Those patches were so good looking to match the clothes. The whole clothes’s colour, quality, workmanship was so good. She admired and said that nowadays children are so happy to live in this new society.

With the smiling on her face, she told us in a kidding tone, she said that in her and my mother’s-in-law society, there also werefabric labels on the clothes. But those labels were not used to decorate the clothes, they only to cover the clothes’ broken part. Not like nowadays clothes patches. Nowadays clothes’ patches are so good looking. The workmanship is so good. In old society, only the mother to sew it one needle by one needle. In this new society, people use the stitch machine to stitch the labels into the clothes. The thread is so even. The workmanship is quite better than old society.

Fabric labelsare existed in both old and new society. Not only the whole functions are different, but also the sewing places are usually different. In old society, usually on the cuffs, knees, buttocks. Those places easily to wear out. In now days, usually on the shoulder, chest, top of back side those place. When those places are with patches, the whole cloth will look nice and they can show the brand well. Normally those labels are the brand logo. People wear those with logo clothes, it’s better to show to other person. It’s a good way to make advertisement.

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