Hangtags? Name cards!

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Small clothing hangtags, but they are a bond of production enterprise linking to consumers. They have a huge role for the dissemination of the corporate culture, and also to enhance and protect the reputation of garment enterprises. Therefore, people generally take clothing hangtags as the business cards of the enterprises. At present, there are many kinds of tags on the textile and garment market. They can be described as the variety of paper, plastic, metal and even holographic security tag of the high-tech material. With the growing prosperity of China's textile and garment market, more and more manufacturers start to pay much attention to these small clothing tags.

Clothing label design, printing are often very beautiful, and the connotation is also very extensive. Besides the basic information, some companies also printed on the nature of them(such as joint ventures, wholly-owned, etc.); some garment manufacturers take these tiny tags as a microfilm of advertising, they printed photos of supermodel beauties who are dressed in their garments, and such a tag gives a more intuitive feel, so that consumers have a more profound impression on their products. Such hangtags played a very good publicity and marketing role; some manufacturers show their thanks to the consumers buying their products, they printed some acknowledgement and wishing words to make people feel intimacy; some tags are more like a product manual, because there are not only information of the fabric used, the product’s performance, but also the washing water temperature, washing ways, as well as instructions of maintenance the garment. Such a tag shows that the manufacturer is very responsible to consumers.

With the growing prosperity of the apparel market, the competition is bound to become more intense, some brand-name manufacturers, in order to protect their products from counterfeiting and shoddy products, have spared no expense to use a variety of holographic security tag and barcode. This is both to protect their own interests, but also safeguard the rights and interests of consumers.

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