The the history of development on containers plastic seals in china ship packaging

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The so-called plastic seals, also known as sealing the envelope, in fact, does not mean the Customs container plastic seals (also known as the customs seal). In the 80s of the last century, the container just begin to rise in our country, a container generally Bahrain goods under the supervision of the customs officials, containers customs officials Shi Feng. Supervision of the plastic seals on behalf of national exports of goods, Shi Feng declare that the use of seals by the shipper declaration charges should be paid, Customs at no additional cost. However, due to the rapid development of China's container shipping, customs impossible for each container is sealed, so we take the exemption certificate issued to the import and export enterprises, and supervise the use of high-tech perspective of containerized cargo. In this case, to distinguish between the quantity and quality of the goods inside the container responsibility for the shipper, the carrier, on the outside of customs clearance letters (sometimes not about closure), provided free of charge by the carrier sturdy container plastic seals. Prepared by the carrier for the container door seals like a very sturdy lock, divided the quantity and quality of goods responsibility of containerized cargo in sealed before and after unpacking. This lock not only can withstand the bumps and that sea or land transport can be encountered with risk (such as theft, etc.), or a lock without a key. That goods from the consignee want from the container at the port of discharge, must destroy the lock to open the door of the container. If the consignee at the port of discharge after check these locks, and found no traces of destruction, due to the diligence to the full implementation that our workers go all out to fulfil their resposinlity. If the consignee is found that the lock had been broken, then the goods inside the container are shortage or damage, liability should be borne by the carrier. Sealing fee is actually received by the foreign shipping companies in China refers to the cost of this lock. When in 90s, the carrier no longer provide free plastic seals, sealing fee of 5-10 per month, but outside in the freight charged to the shipper.

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