The anti-fake printed labels become the patron saint of brands

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What are anti-fake printed labels? To answer this question, we have to make it clear the meaning of common printed labels. Common printed labels with printed letters or beautiful pictures can be found in most of garment, bags, and shoes. As for the anti-fake printed labels, they are the same as the common printed labels on the aspect of ptinting and main material, such as satin, nylon, cotton. The difference is in the anti-fake part, it has been added the special material which has the function of identification.

In the past, the garment manufacturers usually use the hang tags which are separated from the garment. This offers the chance for the forgers to steal the brands. The appearance of the anti-fake printed labels has made a new world for their protection of brands. And this also gives an assurance for the customers who strive for well-known brands. The anti-fake printed labels can be widely utilized in famous garment, shoe and hat, hand bag, leather products and fabrics.

The anti-fake printed labels can be customized according to your requirements. You can offer your own artwork of logo or finished product or specification, such as size, color, material etc. Some credible anti-fake printed label manufacturers have their own design departments. They can help you finish the design. There is the anti-fake specification with the anti-printed labels, which advises the consumers how to recognize true or fake of the garment. For example, the sales girl may offer you a special glass which will help you recognize the garment if you purchase the clothes or bag. For some famous brands, they have already used the anti-fake printed labels and the effect is good for both the manufactures of garment and consumers. The anti-fake printed labels will be widely used like the common printed labels.

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