Introduction to pressure-sensitive sticker labels for packaging

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Adhesive sticker labels were first applied in a foreign country, a late start in the Chinese market, but the very rapid development, the adhesive sticker labels has been applied in various sectors of the people's lives. With the social development and the improvement of people's living standards, self-adhesive label application already has a huge market of users, are required to improve the self-adhesive label, the emergence of various new pole with creative labels, such as pressure sensitive self-adhesive labels. The new pressure-sensitive adhesive labels are better than existing traditional packaging in user attention. Using a new pressure-sensitive adhesive sticker labels packaged products favored by consumers, able to obtain a broader sales market, as for beer packaging research shows that, the "transparent packaging and labeling, as well as transparent products consumers are more inclined to be the main reason of the transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive labels, it has been in the research and the test results can be confirmed. Measured from the perspective of price, most consumers believe that the pressure-sensitive adhesive label packaging products will be more expensive, the price should be higher than similar products currently packaged. Appropriate use transparent sticker product can significantly improve product quality. Bottled water, consumers are given the same conclusion. They think that the pressure-sensitive adhesive sticker labels packaged products should be more expensive, transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive sticker labels materials to make the packaging look more "transparent", "simple" and "comfortable", even "the quality of the water looks better." . For bottled water, it is important the appearance of the United States "," fresh taste "," look clean "and" Take Comfort "and" tastes fresh "image. In this top five, in addition to the to "holding comfortable" a transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive label products than the current packaging was better. Therefore, the research concluded that "transparent packaging and labeling and transparent products", the advantage is transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive labels. Have a greater advantage compared to other self-adhesive labels, pressure-sensitive adhesive labels, transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive label is not attached to 360 degrees on the bottle, making it feel easy strippable. Transparent pressure sensitive adhesive label packaging products in general to promote the image of the product of high-end pricing. Transparent pressure-sensitive adhesive label does have an advantage in promoting the product image, thus contributing to the pricing higher than the current market packaging products. Transparency can produce two impression, for beer, refreshing, lubrication and comfortable taste; bottled water, fresh, cool and clean impression.

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