Custom-made Printed label For Clothing Garment

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National Day is coming, in order to thanks the new and old customers, some stores will hang a paper brand and will print or write the acknowledgements , wish words, attention on it, even sometimes they will print the weather information, give a person with kindness. The warm words for printed labels, letting the customer feel fresh and natural.

When they are shopping in the stores, people begin to see color, style, fabrics, material, and pattern. Most of the people will pay more attention to the price. Generally the clothes will be with a hangtag, with a lot of information printed on it, such as material, color, original place and so on. If you are not professional and unable to recognize the material of cloth among the various materials, hangtag is convenient for you. People usually watch the washableprinted labels when trying on clothes, there are much information shown on it, such as price, material, size and so on, they choose different size according their own height. They will go to the front desk to check, cashier will scan the barcode. Some customers are not fully understand, It is composed of black and white parallel lines and used to express a group identifier information, it can mark the commodity producers, manufacturers, product name, production date, library classification, category, original place and many other information, they have a wide range of applications in the circulation of commodities, library management, post management, banking system and many other fields.

At the same time it can also prevent the thief, it is magnetic, magnetic is added in the barcode instead of goods, when the supermarket scan or input the barcode onprinted labels, the magnetic will be removed. Any one product will have the code, some children do not know the monitoring, often put snacks on hand or in a pocket, when they go out from supermarket, the monitor can feel, you will hear such export detector would call out.

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