The coming National Holiday

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As the Chinese National Holiday is coming soon, a study higlights that each year around this time, there will be a lot of people who will go on a tour for relax, while other people who don’t go out to travel will stay in home to take a rest, play internet or shopping online. Believe that there will be many girls who shop clothes online. As it’s unworkable to try on when shopping online, girls should better look the woven labels and size labels carefully about the material and size information. So that you can buy suitable prodcuts for yourself. In addition, there are many big markets have various kind of sale promotions to promote people’s consumption. That’s why there are lots of the shopaholic.

The reports reflect some problems which usually happen during the National Holiday each year. Due to the holiday time is a little long, the people who plan to go on a travel should be ready for lots of people in various tourist attractions. If you choose self-driving travel, you had better choose the tourist attractions which have fewer people. And it’s better to book the hotel and prepare some necessaries in advance. When you arrive the tourist attractions, generally people would buy local special products such as food, arts and even clothings. For clothings, you should pay much attention about the hangtags and woven labels. Because there are many merchants make fake brand labels for the products to have more profits. Please take care and don’t be fooled. If you plan to stay in home to have a rest, you can make a schedule to rich your holiday. Hereby, there are some suggestions for you. You can have appointments with your friends to have big meals, sing, and especially shopping. Because there are many markets have attractive sale promotion activities in shoes and clothes. Once you find your favourite clothes, please seize the chance to find your suitable size according to the woven labels and size labels on clothes. Wish

No matter if you are going to travel or stay in home, wish everybody will have a nice holiday!

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