The belt hanger need a bigger markets to promote themselves

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The impact of the financial crisis, foreign trade on belt hangers is difficult, then but the sudden emergence of e-commerce, online shopping more active than ever the Internet has also spawned a huge market for the leather industry, a lot of belt factory, now of commercial activities and marketing model requires rapid transformationcustomized belt hangers business can be carried out online, also prompted the operation mode of the traditional wholesale market may gradually appearing vulnerable. Moreover, the internal factors of the traditional wholesale market in the management, operation and credit, the wholesale market in this format in the development bottleneck. Change the traditional wholesale market run mode, to build the the market network information platform, and has gradually become a breakthrough in the development of the modern professional market. This leather market, particularly evident. Leather corporate survive uncomfortable transition to the impact of the financial tsunami, in Guangdong Province alone, there are most of the livelihood of small and medium-sized manufacturers rely on overseas orders, and most of the products are forced to invest in the domestic professional market. This transformation of many export-oriented belt hangers is a huge pressure. china leather industry is known as "re-produced the light brand" traditional emphasis on production orders a certain way, such as gift belt made​​, but Guangdong's neglect of his own brand, has forced them domestic professional marketcompetitiveness is very weak. Traditional wholesale market is focused almost entirely on the size of the suppliers of similar belt hangers. According to a leather city statistics, 90% of the procurement Chamber of Commerce of select goods than ten, before he sets the final supplier. "Face to face" Optional greatly increase the cost of time, and also vulnerable to non-human factors led to the decline in the efficiency of the transaction. Baiyun World Leather Trading Center data show that the center to accommodate more than a thousand leather goods brand, 31800 leather goods category, which is the region stalls largest leather professional market. But for the leather industry as a whole, in the plane of the market development space was limited.

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