The application of PVC material in garment industry

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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the most extensive use of general-purpose plastics. It is generally a white powder, which are innocuousness, water-proof, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and have well electrically insulating.

Because of these advantages, it became to use in many industries such as building material,packaging,pharmaceutical and garments industry.

In garments industry, it is not only be used for packing some clothes, but be a part of the clothing. Like PVC labels/patch/tag.

There have two kinds of PVC we often use, hard PVC and soft PVC. Because the soft one is flexibility and resistance to oil, grease and chemicals, so it is the main material to make a PVC labels. It can be printed, or make emboss/ deboss logo on label, monochrome or colorful. And more easily to clear than a fabric label.

You can be find PVC labels very easily in children’s clothing and sportswear, I think the material PVC let these label to show children’s cute, lively and sportsman’s vitality, positive andindomitable. Isn’t it very interesting that you can make a distinct image in lovely and coarse ore only use the one kind of material. PVC makes this possible.

No doubt that every designers like something which has a strong plasticity, when they meet PVC, their ideas translate into entity , a label. And the label be used in the whole world, carries the idea of designer, let it strike the root, to take shape of a brand. May be you can not imagine how much energy be hidden in the small PVC labels, it is real.

But kindly notice that no matter how much you like the this label, you can’t put it on your Dad, husband or boyfriend’s suit, because they must be unhappy about this mischief.

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