Could the plastic seals be reusable?

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Plastic sealsare the bridge for the products and their hangtags. It isan integral part of garment accessories.When we go shopping, we can view quite many products which are with the seal tags, such as clothes, hats, shoes, scarves and so on. The shape have round shapes, square shapes, rectangular shapes, star shapes, half round shapes and any other unmoral shapes.

A seal tag is composited with the cord, the fork and a plastic body. This is the simplest composition. It is so simple. But without it, it is not workable. A good set of seal tags will improve the appearance for the products also will affect the design ofthe garment accessories and prominent clothing brand. The seal tag is so important, but it is only take its usage before people using the products.

When people bought the products, when they using it. People all pulled the plastic seals out. They throwed it into the trash can. In this time, the seal tags already finished its functions. This life period is too short. The seal tags still so good quality. It is still a new product, only one side pulled out and destroyed. Could we make the seal tags reusable?

If we can make the plastic seals reusable, which can save much of material also can reduce the manufacturer cost. Now all the seal tags are disposables products. If we have bought a product, the shop can have a rule that mentioned to return back the seal tags, could return one or two RMB. I think there will many people will pulled out the seal tags and return it to the shop when they bought the products. This one or two money could add on the products cost. In this way, the manufacturers haven’t paid extra money on it. Client when returned back the seal tags they also haven’t paid extra money on it. This way might usable to reuse the seal tags material.

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