The Evolution of Lanyards

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The earliest lanyard can track back to a thong or strap apparatus in 15th century. They were used in situations where there was a good chance of losing the object—commonly by cavalry and naval officers at sea. Lanyardsare regarded as a kind of essential tools in the early age. With time passing by, lanyards later tend to become decorative items among people, playing various roles in daily life. Nowadays they have been universally used to display badges, tickets or ID cards for identification where security is required, for example, public places such as hospitals, prisons and some schools or in commercial enterprises as well as public gatherings such as concerts, conventions and trade fairs.

Lanyardsare no longer ordinary strings as before, instead those who expect to seize market share do their utmost exploiting and manufacturing the most remarkably outstanding lanyards. Now there are many materials that can be selected, ranging from polyester, ribbon, woven, nylon, silk, PET and so on. Different materials surely bring variable effect and attract customers’ eyes. Furthermore, the style, design or material used will vary widely depending on end-purpose of the lanyard. For example, a variety of colorful lanyards with creative designed cards are prevailing among children, however, for children, lanyards only act as a supporting role, but those cards mean a lot to them.

For adults, lanyardsare widely used with small electronic devices such as cameras, MP3 players and USB flash drives to prevent loss or dropping when they are out for traveling or for business. You can see how useful and popular among all walks of life and a great many field. Top-class lanyards are highly appreciated for their bright color, fine texture, long functional life and optimum usage. But the premise is to find an elite manufacturer with expertise and trained professionals.

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