the collocation of shopping bags

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The shopping bags has become an indispensable accessory when you go out shopping. Like the fashion garments, the appropriate and fashionable metal labels accessory can make you more confident. Noted that the different kinds of shopping bags may need different kinds of metal labels accessory, you should make a consultation in accordance with your overall outfit style.

The traveling bags with handler: the traveling bags with exaggerated handlers is full of business element. With recommendations to choose vertical stripes formal dress style has a double-breasted gun lapel is the best the upright vertical stripes correction huge bag with body proportion.

Backpack: Backpack with vitality, suitable for young business people. With respect, it is recommended to choose a dark blue coat and red tie, red and blue contrast shows little youth vitality.

Traditional package: traditional classic file package is essential style of business owners. The delicate soft leather, echoes the double-breasted genuine leather trench coat, both with geometric cut lines, has a classic charm of Commerce. The metal labels accessory on you bags can in some aspect can improve your dignity.

Business Travel bag: with the traditional business bag becoming larger, buying this kind of bags are you new choice, the most popular. Select a dark stout purses, pay attention to choose a slightly colored tie with white high collar shirt collar is the best.

Plate handy bag: portable, lightweight hand carry bag, suitable dress Slim, exaggerated gun lapel collar design will highlight light texture of handy bags, and at the same time you have some antique temperament which can be displayed by the metal labels accessory on your shopping bags.

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