Whether the metal labels accessory fade with the time passing

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whether the metal labels accessory would fade with the time going as the person's illness and death, this is the law of nature. Jewelry wearable length of time is the most important in the maintenance, the maintenance of good jewelry accessory like metal labels can take a few years, you can not pay no attention to maintenance, it may be months on the fadeness. The shop sells jewelry accessory like metal labels, as long as it is not deliberately bump, we can be very responsible to tell you the customer, the coating will not fall off (unlike a few dollars of low-quality abuse made ​​goods, like dropping plating). However darken in color caused due to a metal oxide is inevitable. Some of the junior high school chemistry course: as long as the presence of oxygen, there is oxidation. The world, without any kind of metal labels that can withstand oxidation phenomena. Darken gold, silver black, steel rust are oxidation phenomena, laws of nature, it is inevitable. All material manufacturing jewelry accessory like metal labels has its natural enemies. Fashion Jewelry alloy material, natural enemies is the chemical substance. Alloy itself is a multi-metal mixture, which contains a different chemical composition. , Alloy fashion jewelry should as much as possible not to contact of cola, sweat, perfume, shower gel, mothballs and other chemicals. Even if it is exposed to, immediately dry still will not be a big problem. If usually wear jewelry come into contact with chemicals, it should be as soon as possible with a clean paper or cloth surface. If a long time (three minutes for a long time) has been in contact with water or chemical substances, alloy jewelry will soon have chemical reactions, leading to fading, etc. happen.

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