The kinds of seal tags often encountered

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When you got a new cloth from the fashion boutiques, there must be has one may be more than one tag on the cloth. On these tags always have printed some information such as a brand logo, material of the cloth and how to wash, take care of this cloth. It seems negligible, but really very helpful, cause that information tell you what is the cloth made by, and the method to keep it well.

Most of tags are paper, but you can find some tags not only use printed paper but with a plastic part just like a combination. We called that plastic parts seal tags.

These tags usually are made from PVC or PE. Also sometimes you can see a tag which is made from aluminum hang on a Men’s suits. It can be called seal tags too.

Whether plastic or aluminum tags, on the string of the tag, there always have one or two arrow-shaped, in order to hang the tags on cloth. The arrow-shaped often made by plastic, but if it is an aluminum tag, the arrow-shaped part is metal. When the arrow-shaped part through the hole of the tag’s main body, it can not be pulled out again, this function just like a disposable lock. As designer’s idea and garment’s style, the arrow-shaped can used in either both sides or just one side on the top of string.

And there also have many kinds of seal tags string; cotton, nylon, satin, and now some designer try to use a elastic rope too. But the most commonly used is nylon string.

We have talked about the material of seal tags, parts of it. Now what arts can be used on it?

Emboss, Foil Stamping, Silk printing, all these artwork can be used on tags and make it richly colorful.

With a seal tag, it can make a commodity looks high-quality more than just use a paper hang tag.

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