The future prospect of sticker labels in markets

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With the development of printing technology, printing companies today are increasingly in strong demand of digital talent. Ren Yucheng, chairman of the Beijing Printing Association, said in an interview with reporters, the fusion of the traditional printing industry and the IT industry, and common development to bring the printing industry's status quo - no digital talent, the enterprise can not survive. Ren Yucheng believes that this is reflected especially in today's printing companies in the market competition. Now there are more and more printing company to manufacture the printed adhesive sticker labels in china.

He said, prepress plate is most closely associated with the IT industry links, platemaking workers Publishing, appointed Indian units are beginning to find that, with the increase in the number of color published in recent years, as well as changes in government bidding projects, layout design, publishing and creative needs are increasing. The customers are needing more original sticker labels to package

What was the reason? Ren Yucheng said, because upstream users also change. Former customers will only make the processing requirements, and now, the customer will be more clear requirements, not only to do the printing business and also design aspects are also delivered to the printing companies. If that printing companies still just remain in the original and simply provide information to the customer is responsible for printing the original stage, has been unable to meet the needs of the market. This make many printing companies printed business around to provide creative and design services like the sticker labels.

He also, for example, publications printing enterprises, some only printing, get orders, after printing outside to find cheap factory to do behind the bindery process, and now Press, tight construction, high quality, and sometimes today to get orders, delivery tomorrow task down job "mode segmented services in the above scenario, the survival of the soil. If companies do not have the ability to service one-stop prepress, press, postpress, and will not be able to obtain the trust of the publishing house, the orders get going. Therefore, enterprises must not only have a one-stop hardware also need to have a high level of digital talent to use these devices.

The above illustration suffices to show that the market is changing, printing companies are also waiting in the wings, and business talent also tend to be more comprehensive capacity digital talent. Not suited to such a the upstream user needs change can only be eliminated, while the rest of those who have the Ebb Tide design creativity plus printing capability will be occupying the market, "Heights". And all this in the final analysis, a direct result of the urgent need of digital talent.

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