Woven labels are classified into selvage and die cutting

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Woven Labels can be divided into the salvage and die cutting labels Selvage woven labels standard: When the needed trademark are pointed out in accordance with the width need, called selvage trademark. This process avoids many of the shortcomings on the cutting edge, but the yield is lower. Same plane / satin, is characterized by soft, very. these are more suitable for higher clothing supplies, such as fashion, suits, and are mostly used by the Japanese manufacturers who are quite particular about the quality assurance, the machines are also equiped in light of the japanese standards. Selvage standard generally are used as the satin. but satin base is difficult to express, , commonly our manufacturers used hot color / staining process to solve this problem. Selvage machine generally is called wooden spindle machines, color generally can not exceed four; crochet machine can also weave a variety of craftsmanship quality, and can even join in the warp transparent polyester yarn, called the fishing line crochet machine. in addition to the width,the overall length of colors the craftsmanship, the cost of the woven labelsinclude the kind of yarn we should use to manufacture the products. the JB yarns is commonly used in internation markets. die cutting woven labels marked: As the name suggests, in a dedicated high-speed machines like weaving a whole piece of woven, cut into strips and then in accordance with the subject width. Because the polyester heat melt characteristics, yarn cut each other to stick together, not scattered edge. Also because of this reason, the look and feel will be affected by the impact, good machine, ultrasonic cutting would be better than an ordinary electric knife. Cartridge standard cloth directly collate send the garment factory processing; demanding needs cut folding process. Because this machine width 20.8cm, That the weave width of standard, it can be processed into a variety of shapes。Classified in accordance with the process can be divided into the plane labeled, and Satin standard two categories.

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