Designer Alexander McQueen

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Lee Alexander McQueen, was a British fashion designer and couturier best known for his in-depth knowledge of bespoke British tailoring, his tendency to juxtapose strength with fragility in his collections and woven labels, as well as the emotional power and raw energy of his provocative fashion shows. He is also known for having worked as chief designer at Givenchy from 1996 to 2001 and for founding his own Alexander McQueen label. His achievements in fashion earned him four times British Designer of the Year awards, as well as the CFDA's International Designer of the Year award in 2003.

He was thought of a genius designer worldwide, enjoyed highly reputation and praise in fashion industry, many elite in the upper-class society including Prince Charles and Kate Moss, first lady Michelle Obama, Lily Cole are his clients. The bespoke outfits and hangtags, woven labels are the icon will be fashionable vane at one time. McQueen also became known for using skulls in his designs including accessories woven labels. A scarf bearing the motif became a celebrity must-have and was copied around the world He used new technology and innovation to add a different twist to his shows and often shocked and surprised audiences.

The most impressing show of McQueen's was his 2001 spring/summer collection, named VOSS. The centre piece tableaux that dominated the room were an enormous glass box. But because the room outside the box was lit and the inside of the box was unlit, the glass walls appeared as large mirrors, so that the seated audience saw only their own reflection. Finally, after an hour, and when the show began, lights came on in inside the enormous glass case and revealed the interior to be filled with moths and, at the centre, a naked model on a chaise longue with her face obscured by a gas mask.

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