How to tell the high quality barcode labels from inferior ones

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Usually most of sticker paper can be categorized into coated paper, thermal paper surface paper. The glossy paper is the bearer of the content of the self-adhesive barcode labels printing, coated paper, thermal paper, PET, PVC, high temperature barcode labels are its Material. Glossy back coating of adhesive, which on the one hand ensure moderate adhesion of the base paper and tissue paper, on the other hand ensure that the tissue paper is stripped away, but also has strong paste stickers.

In addition to the sophisticated high resolution barcode printer, wise choice of material to manufacture barcode labels is also quite important if you want to get a clear and beautiful sticker labels.Barcode printer industry applications more stickers. Adhesive barcode labels is composed of three parts by the release paper, tissue paper, and adhesive bonding as both the release paper commonly known as "the end of paper, the surface was oily, the end of paper adhesives have isolated so that facial tissue attachment to the tissue paper can be easily peeled off from the backing paper.

The end of paper divided into ordinary end of paper and glassine paper, ordinary rough bottom paper places greater thickness, their colors such as yellow, white, and for general printing industry self-adhesive backing paper economy yellow paper. Gela Xin bottom paper with dense, uniform, good internal strength and light transmission is a commonly used material for the production of self-adhesive barcode labels. Its common colors such as blue, white.

The barcode labels provided to you surely are quite different in according to the fact you choose the different kinds of sticker labels for your company products to package. Generally speaking, the most common material to manufacture the barcode labels demanded from our valuable customers is the PVC which can resist to the water damage and high temperature.

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