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London Fashion Week emphasis on creativity and commercial value of the days of ignoring the past. Today's London Fashion Week is not only accepted the new, but also ushered in the home of many proud big return. At the same time, London's High Street brands known around the world during Fashion Week, Top shop and other shops are overwhelmed. Enhance the influence of the position did not allow the British to give up, flatter market, on the contrary, unlike those in Paris and Milan, "to wait at Plaza," the organizers of Fashion Week, the British Fashion Council spare no effort to create topics that attitude, in order to consolidate seal tags design in the fashion industry in London free and avant-garde image. Fashion Week, after all, just a trade event. Fashion Week in New York to move to new homes, lively performance starts at the same time, newspapers and magazines is probably dressed more compelling "raw meat dress" MTV mounted the podium Lady Gaga. The general public like to watch celebrity gossip, fashion runways really nice hand, very difficult to hit the headlines. However, in the stars, paparazzi and transvestites under siege, serious fashion industry still exists. Every designer, brand owner and fashion editors are its practitioners. September 16, the day before the opening of London Fashion Week, the British minister Ed Vaizey said a "fashion value" of the research project was officially announced. Executor of the project for the British Fashion Council and the Schol of Economics, Oxford University, the main task of the present situation of the Britishfashion industry, a detailed analysis of research. Survey, the British fashion industry, total annual value of up to 210 million pounds, if you count theoutlying shopping tourism industry, then this figure should rise to 370 million pounds. All industries in the UK fashion industry ranked 15, a total of 816,000 employees, is the second highest number of practitioners across the UK large-scale industry. British Fashion Council chairman Harold Tillman said: "Fashion in the UK is a successful industry, this report aims to provide a solid data. Countries the development of this industry will develop a set of detailed plans." in one word, the seal tags can play important role in displaying the garments design. It is anticipated that further studies in the UK fashion-related majors will get better professional training after graduation if you decide to start, will get more support. British fashion has always been the best platform for a new output for seal tags, of course, this way, like John Galliano's genius as a wedding dress for others to do London Fashion Week has been the scale and will not influence further development. In this London Fashion Week designer released on a total of about 100 million pounds be the order amount.

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